Anarchist Federation Statement On Unite Against Fascism (SWP)

Unite Against Fascism (UAF) stewards collaborate with police on anti-EDL mobilisation

The Anarchist Federation condemns the group Unite Against Fascism (UAF) who, on Saturday 31st October at a mobilisation against the English Defence League (EDL) in Leeds city centre, openly handed one of our members over to the police. Several UAF stewards, including the head of UAF Leeds, physically prevented our member from rejoining the cordon, and then called the police over to arrest him. We will not tolerate collaboration with the state to halt  the activity of genuine anti-fascists and ask other progressive organisations to do the same. UAF’s policy of negotiating with the state for its public protests is well known, as is its alliance with religious leaders, trade union bureaucrats and politicians. UAF, apart from being nothing more than a front group for the Socialist Workers Party, has never been an effective means to combat the rise of fascism in Britain nor does it offer anything to working class communities.

D. Yates, National Secretary (Anarchist Federation, UK)



We at The Sugarbeet Bhoy support the statement and hope to see more to come from other progressive organisations, however we do not believe the statement goes far enough.

Collaborating with the police as the SWP/UAF/Searchlight etc constantly do means that they should be treated as the enemy. They constantly assist the state and hold back any chance of real legitimate protest, and have done so for years.

They should be undermined. Wherever and whenever.


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