It’s Not Just Politicians Milking It!

Fresh from our story about Chief Constable Ian McPherson getting cash thrown at him out of tax payers money, share a thought for the good people of ‘Sarf’ Yorkshire.

A recent freedom of information act disclosure requsted by the South Yorkshire Star reveals that £18m has been paid out in bonuses to police officers.

Not surprising nobody likes politicians and coppers is it….

Over to you South Yorkshire Star.


Meanwhile here’s more from a Times report on our mate McPherson for anyone local who wants to see a few more figures on where their council tax money actually goes…

It’s bloody criminal!


Still, well done to the good people of Notts who are reclaiming their ‘hard earned’…..

“A CARDBOARD cut out of a sergeant was among items stolen from Notts police in the last 18 months.

A CCTV camera, a set of handcuffs, two police bicycles – one a 24 speed mountain bike marked Notts Police valued at £650 – and charity bags were also taken.

Other items included two satellite navigation systems worth £1,200, a BlackBerry mobile date device valued at £300, cash totalling £168.21, a laminated police sign about racial abuse and a notebook. The figures were released to the Evening Post after a Freedom of Information Act request.”



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