Hooligan Firm Are One Up On The Rozzers….


Hooligans On The Run From The Met

Members of a nasty and violent football firm were, until yesterday, giving the Met the right royal run around. In fact they were so off the rozzers radar that one might be forgiven for thinking that they didn’t actually exist and were all part of the Met’s imagination.

Well actually, yes they were all part of the Met’s imagination, as they were actors from the new movie The Firm!

It seems news footage from the West Ham v Millwall ‘kick-off’ back in August was used to collect images of individuals involved in the ruckus….er which included clips from the new movie.

The ‘wanted hooligans’ must have been the most badly dressed casuals in the history of hooligan firms as they were all wearing clobber from the 1980’s in which the film was set. Clearly hooligan fashion is not on the Met’s ‘know it all’ list!

Vertigo Films who produced the film The Firm in a statement on the confusion said, ”We are delighted our scenes are so realistic people can’t tell the difference between them and real events.”  More to the point the Met can’t!

This raises three important points folks.

1. The Met are absolutely rubbish.

2. Stay the hell away from media cameras.

3. You might want to tell Grandad to lie low for a while as plod could be on to him.


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