Notes From The Borderland Returns

After a two year hiatus, the UK’s premier magazine of parapolitics is back!

The autumn 2009 Notes From The Boderland contains analysis of the BNP’s success at the European elections, the need for a revised strategy by anti-fascists, and the first critique yet of Searchlight’s Hope Not Hate operation.
Elsewhere a significant chunk of the magazine takes on the rise of ‘truth’ theories with both the 9/11 and 7/7 truth movements under the microscope. Two defectors from 9/11 ‘truth’ – Louise Evans and Mick Meaney – give their first interview about their experiences inside the world of no-planers and no-brainers! I take the opportunity to analyse the group Make Wars History, which has emerged out of the car crash that was the UK and Ireland 9/11 Truth Movement, whilst Larry O’Hara sticks his teeth, bulldog style, into the scrawny backside of the 7/7 Truth Campaign. Oh yes!

As well as the usual book reviews, updates on past stories and potshots at the great and the not so good, we have the Anarchist Studies Network, Redwatch and ‘journo-cop’ David Rose all coming under the cosh. With something to entertain and infuriate just about everybody – a bargain at just £4. You can buy it here, whilst the magazine will also be avilable in the next few weeks from bookshops such as Housmans and Freedom in London, and some Borders stores.



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