Norfolk Cops Cry In Riot Training

You’d have thought riot training would simulate the fact you are likely to get all sorts of crap flung at you, wouldn’t you?

Not so for Norfolk Constabulary, who clearly don’t like it up em!

On an exercise at the now defunct RAF Coltishall airbase, the boys in blue doned their crash helmets and big sticks while the training team set a group of students on them. While most students gathered could do little more than pathetically throw rubber bricks and apologise after for doing so with the ringing whine of

” Oh I’m so sorry Officer, I didn’t mean to throw it so hard…”,

one particular student was a cut above the rest.

Unfolding a banner with ‘Come on you Lezza WPC’s’  and abuse at the now defunct Norfolk Police Diving Team who were disbanded for having trouble finding their way round a swimming pool, the hard nosed prospective riot squad threw down their riot shields and called time on training.

Bring on top brass for added comedy factor! Norfolk Chief Constable Ian McPherson steps up to the mark…

“I must apologise for the behaviour of my son….”

According to the EDP

After Mr McPherson intervened, his son apologised to those taking part and accepted that his behaviour had been unacceptable. He told 50 officers gathered for the exercise that they were not his views but simply comments he had misguidedly adopted for the purpose of the exercise.

No charges were brought and the force has taken external legal advice to ensure that this was the correct decision. As the incident took place on a private site with no members of the public present, a warning was deemed sufficient.

In a joint statement from Norfolk police and Norfolk Police Authority, a spokesman said: “An incident involving an inappropriate banner waved during a police training session to manage hostile crowds was properly dealt with and resolved at the time.

“The young volunteer responsible made an immediate and sincere apology, explaining that the views expressed were not his own.

“Norfolk Police Authority has been briefed about a subsequent investigation following allegations made on a confidential police reporting line. They support unequivocally the actions taken by the constabulary.”

One officer, who declined to be named, said: “It has all been very embarrassing for the chief.

“The comments caused a lot of offence. The force has been going through upheaval recently and people are still coming to terms with that. The comment about the dive squad in particular was a direct reference to something many people still feel strongly about and was particularly insensitive.”

Earlier this month Mr McPherson confirmed he was considered leaving Norfolk after being shortlisted for the role of assistant commissioners for territorial policing with the Metropolitan Police.

The CPS and IPCC were both consulted about the incident but having heard of the immediate response by Ian McPherson decided that no further action was necessary.

Now either Norfolk Constabulary are a bunch of pussies or it was the banner unfolded that read

“I am the son of McPherson and my Dad reckons you’re all shite wankers”

that did it….or somet along those lines….


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