Anarchists In Chile Get Stuck In Early This Year.

I was recently reminded by blogger and comrade Paul Stott that while the name Anarchist conjures up all sorts of lunatic reactions from the British state and media, nobody has been killed by anarchists in Britain since 1911.

Now I certainly wouldn’t call for Anarchists to ‘rise up’ in the UK, it’s very unlikely that many could get out of bed on time, but perhaps we should occasionally spare a thought for our comrades across the globe who are well and truelly getting ‘stuck in’.

Take our Chilean comrades for example. Every year on the 11th September, thousands come out on the streets to mark the ousting of Allende in 1973. This year they decided to mark the anniversary in advance by attacking a secret police barracks early.

Now either our comrades are bullet-proof or the Chilean state thugs are very very bad shots, as it appears nobody was actually killed.

Solidarity with Santiago!


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