Some Things NEVER Change…

Oh happy days...

Oh happy days...

While the majority of the population of the UK are losing homes and jobs at an alarming rate there are as always one or two politicians who represent those at the top of society who continue to be completely out of touch with public feeling.

Fresh on the heels of the outrageous fraud being revealed involving scores of British MP’s two senior Conservatives have reminded the country where their priorities lie, and they don’t involve the likes of you and me.

Douglas ‘my moat was filthy’ Hogg and failed candidate for Commons Speaker Sir Patrick Cormack are calling for MP’s pay to be doubled as they feel the move will make the public ‘more confident’.

The reality however that needs to be put to these toff idiots is that the only thing liable to return confidence to the ‘plebs’ is the resumption of guillotining that the French started back in the 1790’s.


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