Failing Banks? Lock Up The Bankers And Millionaire Debtors Nigerian Style!

Britain is so many light years behind the rest of the planet in so many ways.

We allow millionaires, bankers and other such parasites to resign ‘in disgrace’ when they collapse banks and companies and give them fat pensions and severance cheques with letters of condolence for their trouble. Knighthoods often follow just to re-inforce how much the state loves them.

It’s about time we took a leaf out of Nigeria’s book!

As of today, 200 hundred bankers, investors, companies and state dignitaries have been given five days to cough up the wedge they owe or face arrest.  All borders have been closed to try to prevent them ‘relocating’ abroad.

We at The Sugarbeet Bhoy make an appeal to the Nigerian government.

Empty your jails of the poor and destitute, fill them with your corrupt fat cats, and we promise to send Sir Fred Goodwin on a flight in a crate to you in exchange.

If we pull it off you can have the rest of our thieving and corrupt by the end of the year to add to your collection!

Anyone actually seen inside a Nigerian jail?


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