BNP’s Red White And Blue 2009

BNP member hopelessly trying NOT to show his racist nature by tugging on his nose hairs.

BNP member hopelessly trying NOT to show his racist nature by tugging on his nose hairs.

It’s always fun when you listen to the countless moronic speeches coming out of BNP HQ about not being racist, fascist or neo-nazi. Sadly for them the public who may or may not be at times falling for their lies are always brought back to earth when members of the fascist party can’t help but give the old ‘stiff arm’ or get drunk and tell the world exactly how they feel!

While this years event was a lot quieter than last years, mainly due to the main militant anti-fascists groups deciding to stay away, there were around 17 arrests culminating in only 4 charges, three of those being members of the BNP on their way in to the event, who just couldn’t resist giving a few sieg heils and a shot of verba l diarhoea in the form of racist taunts.

The Police were on form again. They are at present complaining that their presence cost £500,000. Perhaps if they didn’t have to try out their little toys in the form of flying drones they wouldn’t have to waste so much money.

The SWP too were at their best. Busing loads of people into the area, bossing them all the way around a pre-arranged route agreed with the police and countless papers and subscription cards being shoved under peoples faces, you could be forgiven for believing the SWP actually profess to being a ‘revolutionary party’.

They’re about as revolutionary as the Sinclair C5, but don’t hurt their feelings by telling them, if you really want to get involved in anti-fascism dear reader, avoid the beards and look for the happy folks looking for a punch up with BNP racists.

Berlin wasn’t taken with the cunning use of placards and a long walk away from the opposition after all!


1 Response to “BNP’s Red White And Blue 2009”

  1. 1 Ken
    August 17, 2009 at 9:46 pm

    Nice to see that thay still wind up the idiots of the uaf.

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