Norwich Give BNP The Finger

Clearly ‘the Lord’ isn’t impressed

Following on from the BNP’s cracking defeat in the Norwich North election yesterday where they only managed 2.74% of votes, the BNP on it’s website are claiming that the party did not have a group in the Norwich area prior to two weeks ago.

With most of Norfolks leading activists such as Steve Ames, Robert Wright and Julia Howman living in Norwich along with, according to the 2007 membership list, 58 other BNP members living in Norwich, and around 240 members around Norfolk, aswell as Nick Griffin and other leading party members regularly attending meetings in Norwich, plus annual BNP social functions all held in Norwich….someone is clearly telling porkies again.

If the BNP wanted to say they dont have a group called NORWICH BNP but do have a group covering Norwich and Norfolk namely one NORFOLK BNP why don’t they just say so?

941 votes in an election that until two weeks ago had no BNP group would be pretty good going….

However there’s nothing like conning your members into believing your’re in fertile breading ground when in fact the reality shows very different.

Norfolk BNP have been active since the early 90’s in one form or another, and have had various periods of intense interest by anti-fascists. Individual members have been harrased and their businesses targeted when there has been evidence they were fundraising for the BNP. In the early 90’s numerous meetings were targetted by local AFA group members.

Many will also remember Malcolm Turner’s antique shop on St.Giles Street near the Norwich Guildhall . BNP fundraiser Turner and sons Albion and Darwin’s premises suffered attacks on a weekly basis by anti-fascists in the early years of this decade, as well as his family’s other money making front, a local creche, being picketed regularly and a good turnover of parents removing their children from the clutches of racists.

Ames, sad act stalker

The current leadership in the area, namely one Steve Ames has in recent times become of interest to local militants. His businessTrident Cars ( http://www.tridentcars.net/25705/stocklist.htm ) must be the only car dealership in the country that a punter has to be ‘invited’ to in order to view his insurance right off motors. Ames has been a target for a couple of years now, not in the last two weeks.

Ames himself has convictions for stalking various women in the Norwich area aswell as numerous arrests for violence http://unitywebring.com/images/ameslovestruck.jpg

A fortnight ago it was Ames, while out with the fraudulent priest Robert West, who launched at three members of Hope Not Hate who had the audacity to ask West where and who had ordained him. Ames backed off when he realised he was being filmed while West called the police for protection.

In 2008 local BNP held a meeting with guest speaker Nick Griffin, three miles from Norwich city centre in the Old Mill, Stoke Holy Cross. As soon as news was leaked about the event anti-fascist targetted the car park and numerous vehicles were badly vandalised and the BNP still have trouble finding premises in Norwich to meet in.

In the last few months the BNP had to cancel their meetings at the White Horse public house in the Trowse area of Norwich when the landlord was informed that the meetings by the Broadland Historical Society were in fact meetings of Norfolk BNP. The Broadland Hysterical Society might have been a more apt name.

While BNP central try to con their national membership that there have been no activists working in the Norwich area, the truth is that nearly two decades work has in reality yielded exceptionally poor results. It is also apparent there’s a willingness by local anti-fascists to target the BNP fundraisers whenever they can and it appears there isn’t going to be any let up, however useless local BNP are and no matter what they are calling themselves these days.



2 Responses to “Norwich Give BNP The Finger”

  1. 1 Pete
    July 26, 2009 at 7:02 pm

    Stormfront BNP posters are throwing accusations of spin at BNP central.

  2. 2 bexley
    January 6, 2016 at 8:52 pm

    can someone please tell me how i can email the auther of this please

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