Norwich BNP Call For Police Backup.

Antifa members had an amusing day on Saturday. Having recieved an anonymous tip off that the BNP’s Eddy Butler had rallied the troops to canvass for the ‘Reverend’ Robert West’s attempt to replace Ian Gibsons seat in the upcoming election, our folks set off to see if we could ‘bag a vicars collar’.

To our amazement, when we arrived the BNP had three police cars in attendance including dogs.

After an hour of watching and waiting it was clear the BNP were not going to be allowed to canvass the local area so we left laughing at the sorry site of perhaps 15 BNP members meeting in the carpark of a derelict pub surrounded by plod.

We were still at a loss as to why the police were in attandance.

Could it be that the ‘Reverend’ was being prevented from going ‘door to door’ dressed as a vicar clearly a fraudulent claim, or could it have been for their own protection as previous BNP gatherings had left the BNP ‘out of face’ and financially ‘out of pocket’?

Last night we learnt exactly what had occured http://norfolkunity.blogspot.com/2009/07/huge-bnp-turnout-to-support-west-20.html

What a bloody shower the BNP in Norfolk really are!


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