BNP Trouble At Mill

Several members of a far-right political party had their cars vandalised whilst the group held a meeting in a village near Norwich, it has emerged.

Windscreens were smashed, paint was sprayed across vehicles and paint stripper was poured over three cars parked at the Stoke Mill Conference Centre and Restaurant in Stoke Holy Cross.

Around 100 supporters and members of the British Nationalist Party (BNP) had gathered at the venue for a meeting on Monday evening.

But whilst the meeting was going on, vandals went into the car park and carried out the attack.

A Stoke Holy Cross villager, who did not want to be named, said: “I was cycling past and looked at the car park as there were so many cars parked there. I noticed that one vehicle, a Mitsubishi 4×4, was really badly damaged and another had what looked like goo all over it.

“The third had abuse directed at the BNP sprayed on it. I saw all the people suddenly come out – they had Enoch Powell badges on and I cycled away quickly.”

Today, Ludo Iaccarino, who runs the restaurant and conference centre in Mill Road with his parents, said he did not know who had booked the room until they arrived on Tuesday evening.

And he said more than 100 attended the meeting, when only 50 people were due to turn up.

He added: “Someone came to us to say they wanted to hold a meeting. We didn’t know what meeting it was. We are a family business.

“We neither support or are anti the group.”

Today, Nick Griffin, the BNP’s leader who was famously cleared of inciting racial hatred in 2006 after attacking Islam, said there had been a lot of support for the group at the Norfolk meeting and they had not received an attack of this kind for years.

He said: “The last time something like this happened was in Halifax three years ago. It’s no particular surprise among older hands.”

Police were called to deal with the criminal damage and confirmed that three vehicles had been targeted.

A spokeswoman for Norfolk Constabulary said: “The damage happened between 7.35pm and 8.10pm. Two of the vehicles had windows smashed and all three had what is believed to have been paint stripper poured onto them. This is an area frequented by the public and in particular by local dog walkers.

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